Hi! My name is Daniel Arnold.

I live in Zwickau. I returned to broaden horizons and help people find personal growth and fulfilment.
Daniel Arnold Englisch Coach
I aim to support regional leaders in enhancing their roles, especially given the historical context of communist Eastern Germany, which lacked a robust leadership environment. With a background in technical communication, religious studies, social work, and sign language interpretation, I am well-equipped to help leaders improve their communication and English skills and develop a clear, empathetic leadership style. This contributes to building self-sustaining, motivated, and efficient teams.

I integrate this vision into my work with EnglischAlternativ, a language school focused on personal and business development. I understand human needs and love to empower people to take responsibility for their lives, enhancing my life and those around me. My vision is to be surrounded by healthy, peaceful, joyful, successful, and fulfilled people.
I have practiced Isha yoga and meditation daily since December 2019, significantly enhancing my life. I encourage everyone to try this ancient science of yoga to find inner joy and fulfilment.

Daniel Arnold

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