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The Sandbox for Business English

Business English Mastermind for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders!

Join the English Entrepreneurs Network (EEN) today.

And take the first step towards improving your business English skills and fluency!

Tailored for business leaders and CEOs, the EEN offers a flexible and convenient online platform.

Get ready for a daily English IMMERSION experience with video lessons, voice recordings, and text messages, all accompanied by expert guidance and personalized feedback from Ryan & Romy and our dedicated team.

EEN is more than just language learning; it's your ticket to GROW your network with like-minded entrepreneurs from diverse fields. It's an opportunity for meaningful exchanges and connections. Our resources are carefully crafted to motivate and inspire you, using real-life business cases.

Master English in a practical, real-world context and watch your SUCCESS soar. Embrace this chance to unlock new possibilities through English while growing your professional network with fellow business leaders. Don't miss out!

"Business English Sandbox"

  • a safe place to lose your fear of speaking
  • practice product & service presentations
  • prepare for international business

Build new business opportunities!

  • make professional connections
  • expand your network
  • introduce your business

Be part of exclusive English business trips

  • 1 x year – exchange on entrepreneurial topics in person at a special place in Europe
  • claimable as business expense
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Get professional feedback

  • trainer support
  • get entrepreneurial support
  • share experience

Find a sparring partner

  • like-minded people
  • exchange on the same level topics
  • personal and business relationships

Keep the English active in your life 

Our clients report these BENEFITS by participating in the EEN:
  • Improve business English skills and fluency
  • Access to professional guidance and personalized feedback from Romy Heinig and Ryan Wheeler
  • Opportunity to present your company, new products, ideas in a supportive and constructive environment.
  • Opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs
  • Customized for business and designed specifically for entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  • Experience a sense of achievement through language improvement.
  • Online mastermind offers flexibility and convenience.
  • Expand your professional network and build relationships with other business leaders
Who is the EEN made for?

The English Entrepreneurs Network is an innovative online English mastermind designed for entrepreneurs who want to improve their business English, are looking for a sandbox to present their ideas in English, and wish to expand their professional network.

Ryan and Romy have been accompanying entrepreneurs from all over Germany and Austria as English and business coaches and sparring partners for many years. Through their own personal and entrepreneurial development, their mission is it to bring freedom and success to their clients' lives and businesses.

Join the English Entrepreneurs Network today to take your business English and networking to the next level!

Ryan & Romy

Entrepreneurs & Mentors

Take the chance!

Come to the next English Entrepreneurs Network meetupon the 29th of February at 9.30 am.

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What is the EEN, and who is it for?

The EnglischAlternativ Immersion Network is a course designed to improve business English skills and fluency. It is specifically designed for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

What resources does the course offer to improve my business English?

The course provides daily English immersion through daily videos, voice recordings and text messages. Participants also have access to professional guidance and personalized feedback from Ryan Wheeler & Romy Heinig (business and language experts), as well as the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs.

How will the weekly online lesson with Ryan benefit my language improvement?

The weekly online lesson with Ryan provides participants with tailored feedback for language improvement and the opportunity to apply language skills in a practical environment.

What is the purpose of the  Telegram group for EEN members?

The Telegram group for EEN members provides an opportunity for members to connect and network with other entrepreneurs and receive daily prompts for English immersion.

How can the EEN help me network with other entrepreneurs?

The EEN provides opportunities to network with other entrepreneurs through daily interactions in the  Telegram group and the 60-minute weekly meeting where your business, ideas, and products can be discussed.

Can I join the EEN if I only have a basic understanding of the language?

The EnglischAlternativ Entrepreneurs Network is suitable for people with varying levels of English but is not recommended for beginners.

How much time should I allow each day for the EEN?

The flexible online format of the course allows students to devote as much time as they see fit each day, but daily immersion through daily videos, voice recordings and text messages is recommended. This should take approximately 5 – 15 minutes per day, depending on how much you want to explore, and 30 minutes for the Power Meetings.

What are the long-term benefits of participating in the EEN?

The long-term benefits of joining the EnglischAlternativ Immersion Network include improved business English skills and fluency, the opportunity to expand one's professional network and a sense of achievement through language improvement.

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