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English Club

1 daily impulse from Romy

more mindfulness in everyday life

network with an international community | weekly Meet-ups

Do you want Romy from EnglischAlternativ by your side as your daily companion and personal motivator?

  • Do you realise that our busy lives often take us away from focusing on our mindfulness and awareness, which we need for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Would you like to connect with engaged, like-minded people around the world so that you could take your business there?
  • Perhaps you simply want to learn more about other cultures and share experiences on a deeper level but are hesitant to take the first step.

A platform has been created for you where you

  • can practice mindfulness and awareness every day.
  • easily connect with people around the world.
  • all with the support and guidance from experts and like-minded individuals.

Using our method and connecting with people regularly to talk about topics that touch you will help you find your true nature.

What better way to learn than with like-minded, international people? Surround yourself with positivity, companionship, and support.

What will you receive? 

  • 1 daily impulse card (0.5min) to promote mindfulness, reflect upon, and comment on
  • 1 daily audio clip  (1-2min) to create awareness, learn, and be inspired
  • 1 weekly meet-up (45min) network with others and share your thoughts, inspirations, successes, and ideas
  • 1 monthly Q&A webinar monthly Q&A webinar with your questions, ideas, and feedback

Our Herzerwärmer English Club also offers you:

  • 24/7 access from anywhere in the world with our app for PC, iOS and Android
  • Quality time for yourself to grow personally and professionally
  • new ways of thinking
  • improve your mindset
  • increase your visibility
  • network & cooperate with positive people 
  • enhance your health 
  • develop your team
  • more positivity in your every day life 

Start today and increase your potential!

Our Heartwarmers English Club

Course  1: 6 months - English Club awareness & networking - 
official start date: 1st January 2022   

Your content... for you... from our coaches:

At the Herzerwärmer Club you will be surround by positive and productive people. Our content is terrific for one’s mental health, productivity, motivation, inspiration, and happiness in general. Step away from news and social media which is programmed to make money, and step up with Herzerwärmer which is designed to boost your energy and well being.

The Herzerwärmer Club is designed to bring like-minded, success focussed, positive thinking entrepreneurs together in one place. Be part of a business-minded network that shares, supports, and motivates other members from a place of good will and mutual achievement.

You are part of something big!

By participating in the HEARTWARMER! English Club, you are automatically part of our community, the only HEARTWARMER! Club for

  • intensive cohesion,
  • pleasant openness,
  • collegiality across professions and positions,
  • intensive cooperation instead of pressure to perform,
  • mutual trust, cordiality and understanding for each other,
  • positive motives,
  •  sustainable public spirit.

    *By booking the English Club you automatically get access to the Heartwarmers Community and the Herzerwärmer Club Germany!

Das sagen Herzerwärmer Mitglieder:

What fascinates me about HERZERWÄRMER! is the idea behind it and the opportunities that this network creates for its members. I am convinced that an important first step towards personal development is the exchange with others. If you can give something of yourself, other people can see you and move you forward.

Ph.D., Herzzentrum Leipzig

This great community and the hunger of the members to constantly develop themselves is so brilliant!

Actrice, The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute Los Angeles 

People finally start treating each other well and that is the basis for all growth.

Other programmes lack regular exchange - I recommend HERZERWÄRMER! especially to people who have few people in their environment with whom they can exchange ideas on personal development topics.

Staff unit of the GF & Head
of PMO, Convales Services GmbH 

Do you have any questions?

Frequently asked questions

Is there an app for my mobile phone?

Yes, there is an app for Android and iphone that allows you to have the Heartwarmers English Club with you on your mobile phone at all times. You will receive the invitation for the app directly after booking.

What happens if I cannot attend a Meet-up?

There will be several Meet-ups per week. You are welcome to book in for more than one Meet-up in another week.

Will I be able to speak in the Meet-ups themselves?

The number of places in the Meet-ups is limited so that each participant can speak.

Is it possible to account for the course as a business expense?

Yes, the course can be credited as continuing education.

How is payment and funding made?

Booking and payment are done online on our sales page.

Many participants have the invoice reimbursed by their employer. Please ask your employer about this and contact us if you need any special information.

Payment by installments is possible for a fee.

Can I still book after December 21?

The places are limited. From January onwards there will be opportunities to join at different rates.

Have we forgotten something?


Be there - places are limited!

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